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Speed Management Systems

(SL-L) Speed Alert System

SPEEDLOCK-Liteis an anti-speeding device for use on forklift trucks or any low speed warehousing or factory mobile equipment.

SPEEDLOCK-Lite warns a driver that the site speed limit has been exceeded. The SPEEDLOCK-Lite initially activates a red warning light and buzzer to warn pedestrians once the pre-set speed range has been reached. If the driver exceeds a pre-set speed limit and a pre-set time, a siren sounds, and a warning light will be switches on. Alert will be deactivated when drive reduce the speed to within the speed lite or it can be set to only be deactivated by an approve party.  The speed limit is easily and accurately set to a desired speed limit.

SPEEDLOCK-Lite has an auxiliary output which switches on with the siren. This can be connected to a mechanical speed limiter or electronic throttle control, or any other device to enforce the speed limit.

(SL-P) Speed Limiting System

SPEEDLOCK-Plus is a very comprehensive and highly reliable product. SPEEDLOCK-Plus’s hardware is produced from information gathered through years of experience. SPEEDLOCK-Plus is designed to stop speeding drivers by limiting the forklift travel speed without affecting the hydraulic lifting power.

SPEEDLOCK-Plus is completely adjustable whether it’s the limiter aviation time or truck speed.

With proper truck installations, SPEEDLOCK-Plus enables the truck to be pre-programme to specific speed requirements. By using simple mechanical system, we can modify the throttle of the forklift to manage the speed of the forklift.

SPEEDLOCK-Plus offers 3 speeds setting and reversing alarm features as standard and can be installed in conjunction with our other safety products to provide a safe and productive environment.