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Load Transfer

Load Transfer Systems

Provide reliable, economical and efficient means to invert loads and to change pallets. The pallet inverter allows easy transferring of products to pallets or slipsheets and replacement of damaged pallets or cartons. It also enables recovery of damaged products from bottom of stack.

Years of experience in the market has allowed us to understand and offer innovative solutions for various industrial applications.

The demand for transferring of load or changing of pallets has increased over the years. We are able to design and customized machines suitable for handling your product with a wide range of Load transfer system that includes mobile, stationary, automatic machines and complex integrated logistics systems, allowing the handling of various types of products, such as bags, boxes, vials, flasks, bottles, big bags, drums, etc.

Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to minimize the heavy work of changing pallets or transfer goods from one pallet to another fast and safe.

Types of Transfer Systems :

  • Mobile Pallet Transfer Systems
  • Pallet Inverters
  • Pallet Changers
  • Load Tilters
  • Semi and in-line Automated Load transfer Systems

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